Maryland Advantages


Moving to an environment that values and emphasizes education isn’t just important for a workforce pipeline. Great education is also important for attracting and retaining employees. Here in Maryland, you’ll find a top-rated school system that lays foundation for our educated population. Beyond K-12 schools, institutions prepare workers for every ambition or occupation imaginable.


Percentage of schools ranked in the top 25%


K-12 public school system


Percentage of high school seniors scoring at mastery level on AP exams


Best early education system




Producer of black undergraduates who go on to complete a Ph.D. in natural sciences or engineering (UMBC)


Biomedical engineering programs (Johns Hopkins University)


Best Global University (Johns Hopkins University)


Most educated state

Colleges & Universities  


The education system here is phenomenal. We’ve got a great talent pool here within Maryland.

– Delali Dzirasa, President, Fearless

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