4 places to find STEM jobs in Maryland

02/10/2020 | Julie Miller

Whether you’re trying to land your first job or looking to make a career shift, Maryland is the place to be for STEM professionals. In fact, a Maryland town (California-Lexington Park, home to Naval Air Station Patuxent River) took the number one spot in a 2019 Forbes list of the “U.S. Cities With The Highest Concentrations Of STEM Jobs.” If you work in STEM, keep reading, and you might find an opportunity that’s a perfect fit.

Federal jobs in Maryland

Home to 20 military facilities and 60 federal agencies, Maryland is full of opportunities for professionals wanting to put their tech skills to use to help ensure the safety and security of our nation. Scientists can help advance food and medical innovations in the FDA. Or, they can help people live healthier, longer lives by conducting medical research at NIH. Professionals with a cybersecurity or technology background can support the nation’s leading security agency, the NSA, which is home to U.S. Cyber Command. And STEM professionals in all fields will find opportunities at military bases. Explore all available federal jobs in Maryland through usajobs.gov.

Private sector biohealth jobs in Maryland

Having nearby access to the FDA and NIH means many private sector companies in the industry also lay down roots here. From industry giants like AstraZeneca to up-and-comers like Vigene Biosciences, there are hundreds of biohealth companies looking for scientists to help them develop their next innovations. Explore more biohealth career opportunities in Maryland here.

Private sector cybersecurity jobs in Maryland

Across Maryland, some of the biggest names in cybersecurity keep an eye out for top talent. Companies like Cisco and Tenable are anchors for a growing cybersecurity district in Howard County, which is also home to Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, a leading employer of STEM professionals. Tech giants Northrop Grumman and Leidos are also looking to fill positions across the state.

For professionals looking to further advance their cybersecurity training, many opportunities exist across Maryland, including at 17 institutions deemed National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense.

Finance jobs in Maryland

Think you need to go to New York to work in finance? Think again. Baltimore is a common-sense alternative to New York for financial services companies and professionals alike, and is home to companies like T. Rowe Price, TransAmerica, and Brown Advisory. These companies don’t only need finance professionals to support clients... they also need tech and cybersecurity professionals to protect their clients from threats.

There’s a lot of opportunity in Maryland, but it’s also an area you can afford to love. Learn more about living in Maryland.

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