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Allegany County hosts its first Restaurant Week
By Caitlin Squires /
July 10, 2017

Guest feature: Caitlin Squires works with the Allegany County Department of Tourism. Follow Mountain Maryland on Facebook and Twitter.Follow Restaurant Week on Facebook and Instagram.

Allegany County will host its debut Restaurant Week this September 8-17, joining the ranks of numerous other Maryland counties and hundreds of cities across the country.

Mountain Maryland hosts a number of locally-owned and operated restaurants, each worthy of a visit during your next trip on Interstate 68. Locals and visitors both appreciate what our region's eateries serve up in addition to their delicious dishes – originality, pride in preparation, and care and attention to customer service.

We know that national chains serve a purpose and can help hunger in a pinch, but we'd like to encourage Mountain Maryland travelers to seek local delicacies instead of a numbered combo meal. Sit down and enjoy not only the food, but also the company of fellow travelers. Slow down and really enjoy the savory tastes and experience the environment. It's time to rise and dine, Mountain Maryland!

Follow our social pages to indulge your eyes in the daily #DishDiscovery and stay up to date with all of the unique menu offerings and specials offered during the week!


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