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Baltimore medicine company aims to improve chronic health conditions
By Amanda Winters /
May 17, 2021

At a time when leaving the house can be risky, one company is taking the lead in helping patients monitor their health at home—during and well beyond the pandemic.

Aidar Health is the creator of MouthLab, a non-invasive, hand-held device that can be used by individuals from the comfort of home. The medical device measures more than 10 different health vitals in under one minute, including temperature, heart rate, lung functions, and blood pressure. Once data is collected, the health information is transferred to the company’s cloud system where its program analyzes and identifies disease progression.

While the product began with a focus on heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it has expanded and can now detect COVID-19 in patients at early stages.

With that much innovation, it's no wonder why Aidar Health was named to the Maryland Future 20 rankings in November. Since then, the company has received CE Mark Approval for MouthLab, as well as FDA clearance which will allow the product to enter the market. 

Aidar believes they can help put patients back in control of their own health. According to the company, as of 2014, more than 147 million individuals had chronic conditions throughout the country. By using MouthLab, people gain the ability to monitor their vitals, change their health habits as needed, and improve their lives.

With just 12 employees, the Baltimore biz has received more than $2 million in investments, from sources including the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, and more.

Aidar Health says that being located in Maryland has not only helped attract investors, but the proximity to federal agencies – including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – has provided significant value to the company. The company says it has also benefited through the state’s Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit (BIITC).

To learn more about the company, visit its website.

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