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Chicago-based tech company moves to Maryland
By Samantha Foley /
August 30, 2021

Jason Zielke of Wire Pulse is focused on finding solutions that can transform an entire industry, and moving his company to Maryland was a strategic no-brainer.

After conducting an extensive amount of market research, the Chicago-based business realized there was a crucial need for improvements in the wire and cable industry, and it quickly got to work addressing some of the critical needs around inventory management. This eventually led the company to open a new office in Baltimore. Most of the company's customer base is located along the northeastern part of the country, making Baltimore a perfect match with its great proximity and booming technology sector.

Along with the company’s recent expansion came the creation of its latest technology, Reel Sense, a digital platform that makes wire and cable management simple. While wire and cable management is a valuable global industry, there are many pitfalls that can lead to monetary, physical, and environmental waste. Reel Sense is a unique tracking tool that helps utility companies manage product inventory for both small- and large-scale projects. This new platform helps reduce waste, increase sustainability, and promote monetary and operational efficiency.

With most of the region’s cable and wire system located underground, the company’s Reel Sense platform is an important addition to wire and cable management in Maryland and the surrounding areas. The move has also provided wonderful networking opportunities and is a new frontier for the company to conquer, while diving into the Maryland labor pool. The Maryland expansion has allowed Wire Pulse to tap into partnerships with local technology startups and form partnerships with larger companies like BGE, which is currently using the Reel Sense technology to assist in its cable and wire management initiatives.

“Our cable reels are outfitted with Reel Sense, and you cannot get more accurate or timely than Wire Pulse,” said Carmine Cresta, supervisor of underground lines at BGE, an Exelon operating company. “I’m excited about the new insights we can generate from the Reel Sense data. It will have a big impact on our cable pulling operations by introducing new labor and material efficiencies."

As Wire Pulse settles into all that Maryland has to offer, the company is hopeful it will continue to expand operations and is looking to start their hiring process within the coming months, specifically targeting technology students and new graduates from local universities. The company also has hopes of additional expansions in the Baltimore City area.

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