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Environmental sustainability and innovation in Maryland
By Samantha Foley /
April 19, 2021

The Maryland Department of Commerce is highlighting companies working to improve the environment in the state and around the country. Check out this round up of Maryland Future 20 companies focused on creating environmentally sustainable practices and products that will make an impact for years to come.
ACTIVEcharge is making wind energy more reliable

First up is ACTIVEcharge, a company that was created to commercialize innovative technology capable of reducing the cost of wind turbines for renewable energy resources, making it competitive and reliable. The technology behind the company's main solution was developed as part of UMBC's Mechanical Engineering department.

For the safe and effective operation of commercial wind turbines, blades need to be continuously monitored in order to detect unusual vibration, ice-buildup, and lightning strikes. However, most current blade monitoring methods have several shortcomings. ACTIVEcharge’s innovative solution aims to address and alleviate these shortcomings, by providing autonomous and self-powered wind turbine blade monitoring services and real-time information to turbine controllers.

InventWood offers a sustainable alternative for materials

InventWood started as a faculty-led spin-off of the University of Maryland. The company creates a huge portfolio of advanced wood materials and cellulose-based innovations that are pointed at revolutionizing how these commonly used products are made. InventWood is a materials innovator helping to create wood materials that are stronger, lighter, cost efficient, and more environmentally sustainable.

The company’s materials have been used in a variety of ways ranging from aerospace to construction, robotics and even musical instruments. InventWood aimes to imagine a world where buildings, vehicles and even airplanes can be made of these advanced wood materials, having considerable benefits to consumers, workers and the environment. The company currently offers three different variations of materials: MettleWood, Nanowood (Insulating Wood), and Transparent Wood.

Silfra Biosystems turns waste into energy

Land-based aquaculture and biological waste treatment systems are rapidly growing global industries focused on environmental responsibility. Silfra BioSystems is using innovative technology platforms licensed from UMBC to help enable this booming industry and biologically treat waste to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

Silfra Biosystems takes advantage of increases in land-based aquaculture and fish farming by providing customized technology tailored for rapid and efficient conversion of freshwater and marine solid fish waste to fuel-grade biogas, creating a more sustainable practice. This practice helps to eliminate solid organic waste from land-based recirculating aquaculture systems, by converting it to combustible biogas that can then be used as a renewable energy source for these systems. This technology will enable the establishment of an environmentally sustainable multi-billion dollar land-based aquaculture industry in Maryland, the US and globally. Read more about this project here.

Across Maryland, these environmentally motivated companies are doing their part to create a more sustainable and renewable future. Learn more about Maryland’s Energy & Sustainability industry.



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