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Frey flips the script on laundry products and users
By Emily Witty /
October 30, 2017

In today's on-demand society, there's a subscription service to meet your every need. From razors and electric toothbrush heads to pre-packaged meals, there's a company out there that promises to take the hassle out of your shopping experience. Frey, born in the basement of an Annapolis home, saw an opportunity to do the same thing with laundry products but decided to target an unexpected audience – men.

"The industry is missing the male aspect of laundry," said co-founder Leif Frey. "We're breaking down traditional gender roles because the reality is that men are doing laundry too."

Leif and his brother Erin Frey saw a niche they could fill that traditional laundry products didn't. The brothers knew they could create a product with a cologne-like scent that wasn't harmful to apparel or the environment.

"The products in today's market have bottles and caps that encourage over-usage and filling along with harsh chemicals and fillers to give the appearance of more product," Leif said. "We designed a bottle that was easy to dispense and store with a concentrated formula to eliminate unnecessary waste. Our formulations are primarily natural content to help your garments look better, longer."

The company launched two years ago in September of 2015 with the first bottles being hand-filled in the brothers' Annapolis residence. After appearing on Steve Harvey's show Funderdome and receiving coverage on The Ellen Degeneres Show, GQ magazine, ELLE magazine, Good Morning America. and BBC News, Frey has grown from their Annapolis home basement to a Baltimore warehouse to a supply chain running up and down the east coast. Leif attributes much of their success to timing the launch in a market that was ripe for change.

"The research is clear that menswear is slowly outgrowing womenswear in a variety of areas including fashion, skin care, and fragrance," Leif said.

With its rapid success, Frey has lofty goals of becoming the go-to online source for the laundry industry. Leif says the company ultimately wants to break the grip that the giant companies have on the laundry business.

"We want to be the brand that turns the laundry game on its head."



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