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Guide helps companies navigate contracting
By Julie Miller /
October 31, 2016

Washington D.C. and its many federal entities are in Maryland's backyard. In addition, Maryland has a high concentration of federal and military centers that create significant business opportunities for Maryland companies.

Government contracts can yield great opportunities for businesses, but the bidding process may seem overwhelming. To help companies navigate the process, the Department of Commerce's Office of Military & Federal Affairs offers a Government Contracting Guide.The guide, which you can accesshere, is a comprehensive resource that includes insight into the process, as well as step-by-step instructions that will help companies submit bids that win contracts.

Helga Weschke, Director of Federal Business Relations, talks about the guide in the video, below.

The guide specifically outlines how to:

  • Define and present your capabilities
  • Find the right contact at a federal installation, laboratory or agency in Maryland
  • Determine a fit with the agencies needs
  • Decide what not to bid on
  • Find an appropriate opportunity
  • Prepare a proposal
  • Do business with the State of Maryland
  • Use Maryland's resources to your advantage

Learn more aboutMaryland's business-to-government resources and download the contracting guide here.



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