Success Stories
Investing in Baltimore: War Horse Cities
By Amanda Winters /
November 26, 2018

Building bridges throughout the community is a top priority for Baltimore developer War Horse Cities.

Focused on creating vibrant urban areas in an economically and environmentally sustainable way, War Horse and its nonprofit division have invested in several city projects over the past few years, with a focus on bringing people together and serving the communities where they can make a difference.

From renovating and enhancing the Western District Police Station to rethinking Belvedere Square and transforming it into a neighborhood staple, War Horse’s approach to community development and philanthropy is helping Baltimore increase communication and engagement among residents, teachers, public safety officials, and more.

Founder Scott Plank, named one of the 100 Influencers in Commercial Real Estate earlier this year, sat down with MDBizNews to discuss the ways War Horse approaches community building and the future of the organization. 


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