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Kroger brings robotic customer fulfillment center to Maryland
By Amanda Winters /
January 23, 2020

Kroger and Ocado – two of the largest grocery retailers – are partnering to construct a high-tech fulfillment center in Frederick County.

Located at 7106 Geoffrey Way, the Maryland site confirms an earlier announcement identifying the Mid Atlantic region as one of the first robotic Customer Fulfillment Centers. Upon completion, 400 new jobs will be created with up to 100 more added later as the service areas of this facility expand. 

The automated facility, also known as the "shed," will be equipped with robots provided by Ocado that move along the top of a grid system, selecting grocery filled crates that are later sorted and assembled into orders. The center will allow Kroger to tackle the online market, providing automatic fulfillment and home delivery to customers throughout the East Coast.

“We are thrilled that these two respected companies have chosen Maryland as the location for a new high-tech, innovative Mid-Atlantic hub,” said Governor Larry Hogan. 

“By operating in Maryland, our centralized location will provide this grocery partnership with convenient access to several highways and access to thousands of customers across the East Coast,” said Maryland Commerce Secretary Kelly M. Schulz.

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Check out how Ocado's robotic warehouses process orders in the video below.

Video courtesy of Tech Insider. Photo courtesy of Kroger.


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