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Maryland awards $1 million for clean energy projects
By Samantha Foley /
June 18, 2020

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) recently awarded funding to several applicants as a result of the new Resilient Maryland program. This program was developed to support the economic growth of clean energy technologies, aimed at protecting essential services and businesses during power disruptions and outages. More than $1 million was allocated in funding.

This program focuses on energy resiliency, which has become increasingly important as many factors have started to overwhelm power infrastructures, sometimes causing extended power outages. The program aims to provide Maryland with more effective clean-energy solutions that can be easily adopted across the state.

Funding was awarded to projects across Maryland which focus on infrastructure and improvement needs that will provide benefits throughout the state, including: Frostburg State University, who is creating a campus-scale microgrid to help improve campus-based energy resilience, sustainability goals, and provide students with job training; Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), who is forming a new partnership to help plan a community-based clean energy microgrid for a housing community in Annapolis; and Groundswell, Inc., who is creating community resiliency hubs throughout Baltimore City’s vulnerable communities. For a complete list of awardees, click here.

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