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Maryland commuter program helps businesses save money by easing employee travel
By Gladys Hurwitz /
January 30, 2019

Guest feature: Gladys Hurwitz, transportation planner, and Michelle Martin, assistant director, are with the Maryland Department of Transportation. Follow along with MDOT and the Commuter Choice Maryland program on LinkedIn and online at  

Maryland commuters spend an average of 30 minutes sitting in traffic traveling to work – resulting in diminished productivity, extreme frustration, and lost time. To mitigate traffic congestion and support both the mobility, health, and wealth of its community, environment, and business partners, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has launched Commuter Choice Maryland. 

The benefits of Commuter Choice Maryland are significant. Commuter Choice Maryland encourages commuters to explore and use alternate means of transportation to and from work, giving them travel choices when convenient to them, such as transit, biking, walking, carpooling, vanpooling, and teleworking. All of these options help to reduce commuter stress, reduce congestion, and conserve energy. We have also seen that Commuter Benefits help to attract and retain top employee talent.

Receive tax benefits, register now

Registrations are now being accepted for the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit, designed to encourage businesses of all sizes to provide Commuter Benefits to their employees. 

To qualify for the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit, Maryland companies must meet certain criteria, must submit an online registration form to MDOT, and are required to file state and local tax forms. Businesses are required to register for this Maryland Commuter Tax Credit annually.

This Maryland Commuter Tax Credit is available to any business entity that operates a trade or business in Maryland or is an organization exempt from taxation under §501 (c) (3) or (4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Businesses may claim this tax credit in an amount equal to 50% of the cost of providing qualified Commuter Benefits to their employees. Qualified Commuter Benefits include transit and transit parking passes or subsidies, vanpooling, carpooling. The Maryland Commuter Tax Credit many not exceed $100 per individual employee per month. There are a variety of options for Commuter Benefits that will fit your company needs and save you money.

To register for Commuter Choice Maryland or to learn how your businesses can improve its bottom-line AND take advantage of various tax benefits, please visit or call: 410-865-1100 or email:

Business webinar

MDOT will host public webinars throughout the year. Please join us to discuss possibilities of building and expanding your Commuter Benefits program on March 13 from 10-11AM. 

Topics will include guidance on telework and vanpool; assistance with qualifying for the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit with vanpool services; strategies to encourage employee participation; assistance with program implementation; and how to retain top talent, reduce employee turnover, and save you money!

These webinars are offered free of charge, but space is limited. Reserve your spot today by clicking here.

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