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Maryland was made for these 5 types of young professionals
By Julie Miller /
March 18, 2019

Thinking about where to live after graduation? Already settled somewhere and looking to make a move? Maryland has a lot to offer young professionals, especially for these five types of people.

1. The Career-Focused

You know the type... Maybe you are the type. The two-internships-a-year junior. The entrepreneur running a startup out of his dorm room. The visionary who won’t quit until she’s made a name for herself at a Fortune 500 company. The techie whose code will change the world. If you’re a go-getter, then Maryland is for you. 

How so? For starters, only 40 miles stand between Baltimore and Washington D.C. With two major metropolitan markets this close together, Maryland offers amazing job opportunities. Join cybersecurity companies that work with federal agencies like NSA. Work at global headquarters for companies like Under Armour and Marriott International. Columbia, a growing city between Baltimore and D.C., was recently ranked second in the country for jobs, and the state as a whole leads nationally in the concentration of STEM careers. 

2. Wanderlusts

When you’re in the heart of the mid-Atlantic, the world is at your fingertips. We’re talking weekends on Maryland’s shore and day trips to D.C. Travel from Baltimore to New York City in the amount of time it takes to watch a movie. And when you’re ready to go across the country or across the world, access to several international airports means you’ll always find the flight (and the price) that works for you. 

3. People Who Appreciate a Nice Home 

Four roommates in a two bedroom apartment on the 29th floor? No thanks. You’re a professional now, and you’re ready to start living like it. Having a nice apartment doesn’t require you to move to a boring, secluded town. It also doesn’t restrict you to a ramen-only diet for your first year working. According to ApartmentList, a one-bedroom apartment cost $940 in Baltimore, compared to $2,400 in San Francisco and $2,100 in New York City. On top of that, Maryland has the highest median household income among the states. 

4. Foodies & Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Appreciate good food? We’ve got you covered. R. House, a food hall that’s a launching pad for some of the area’s hottest chefs, is a staple to Baltimoreans. Across Maryland, you’ll find restaurants from celebrity chefs including Bryan Voltaggio, José Andres, and Giada De Laurentiis. And let’s not forget about Maryland crabs. Whether you get them from a waterfront restaurant on the Eastern Shore or a crab shack in downtown Baltimore, you won’t find better crabs anywhere else. 

A unique collaborative space formed by Union Craft Brewing combines indoor bouldering, beer, and whole lot more. Speaking of beer… spend weekends at Guinness’ only brewery in the U.S., or exploring the exciting craft beer scene in Maryland. Beer not your drink of choice? No worries, our wineries and distilleries are pretty awesome too

5. The Lifelong Learner 

When ready for an advanced degree, Marylanders can turn to powerhouses like Johns Hopkins University, The University of Maryland, UMBC, and more than 50 other institutions. And entrepreneurs seeking a network of mentors and peers to learn from will find a robust community of like-minded people to turn to

Truly, Everyone.

While the five types of people we mentioned above will particularly thrive in Maryland, that doesn’t exclude anyone. In fact, Maryland is one of the most diverse states, and is continuously recognized for its inclusivity. Recently, four Maryland cities made WalletHub’s list of the top 10 most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S. Maryland is also often recognized as a leading state for women in business and minority business owners


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