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Maryland SPCA: 150 years of improving the lives of people and pets
By Amanda Winters /
June 18, 2019

It’s hard to believe that what began as an animal welfare organization for Baltimore City’s work horses has become one of the busiest adoption centers in Maryland.

For more than a century, the Maryland SPCA has dedicated itself to the wellbeing of animals throughout the state. The nonprofit assists so many animals each year, it opened its newly renovated adoption center back in 2011, and has another renovation of its spay and neuter clinic and administrative offices on the way. 

In the past year, the Maryland SPCA has achieved several accomplishments, including:

  • Completing more than 3,000 pet adoptions and rescues;
  • Helping 5,000+ pets at its local wellness clinic;
  • Successfully spaying and neutering more than 6,000 pets;
  • And, teaching more than 7,000 children about humane education.

Maryland Department of Commerce Secretary Kelly Schulz recently visited the Falls Road offices to congratulate the nonprofit on its success with a citation from Governor Larry Hogan.

“What a wonderful organization providing very, very valuable services to our families and our pets across the state,” said Secretary Schulz.

The Maryland SPCA’s services fall under three main tiers of outreach – veterinary services, humane care, and education. While most residents know about its vet services (such as caring for sick and injured animals) and humane care (including transporting animals from shelters and hosting a foster care program), many do not know about the nonprofit’s educational efforts.

The SPCA believes sharing its knowledge and experience can help grow local communities and improve the treatment of animals. The organization’s education team helps thousands of children each year through scheduled, relaxed story-time hours with shelter pets, allowing students to practice their reading and gain a comfort around animals. The SPCA also works to improve workforce development and mental health and wellbeing by introducing students to careers and internships in the animal welfare field, and, visiting nursing homes and senior centers to provide companionship. Additionally, for pet owners, the nonprofit provides training classes to help reinforce positive behaviors among pets and owners alike.

“We really appreciate this [recognition] and we’re excited to share our 150th with the state of Maryland,” said executive director Jim Peirce. “We invite everyone to please stop by the Maryland SPCA…come for a tour, let’s see the facilities together, and we can show you all that we’re doing here to help improve the lives of pets and people across the state.”

As part of its three-year goal, the Maryland SPCA hopes to touch the lives of 20,000 pets by the year 2020. Learn how you can get involved with the organization on


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