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Ocean City print shop provides unique holiday gifts
By Amanda Winters /
December 16, 2015


Looking for the perfect unique gift this holiday season? Don't forget to #ShopSmall at stores in your community and #BuyLocalMD products. Check out more Maryland gift-giving suggestions here.

As a lifelong Ocean City resident, Wyatt Harrison spent every summer working at Malibu's Surf Shop on the boardwalk.

Plak ThatDuring his 14 years at Malibu's, Wyatt became inspired by the shop owners' photography and began researching unique ways to develop photos. At first, he was interested in creating photography products to sell at the store. Through his search, Wyatt became intrigued by wood printing and decided to order a few new pieces for the shopand the prints were a hit.

Once a customer asked about ordering a custom wood portrait of his family, Wyatt had his light bulb moment. "I went home that night, started a website, and the rest is history," he said.

Plak That Printing Co. officially launched during the summer of 2012. The following year, the company received a VOLT loan from the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, allowing Wyatt to purchase the necessary machinery and office space in Worcester County.

The print shop specializes in wood, acrylic and aluminum artwork, with its custom wood creations being the most popular selection.

Plak That Printing CompanyWhen the Ocean City operations began, there were only two online companies thatprovided wood-printed products. Today, with more than 100 competitors, Wyatt tells us the difference boils down to the type of wood used during production. While most printing companies use plywood, Plak That is the only known printer using wood planksa complicated but rewarding process.

In the end, the products speak for themselves. Plak That has created custom restaurant tables, lightbox inserts, metal signage, and new artwork for local businesses in the area. The company recently provided portraits for the rooms at Plim Plaza Hotel and replaced each of the elevator landing murals at the Princess Royale.

The collaboration between these Ocean City businesses highlights their support for each other throughout the year, and serves as a reminder to support small businesses during the holiday season. Wyatt hopes that customers choose Plak That's products not only for its one-of-a-kind designs, but to support the small business community in Maryland.

"Local money stays in the local economy. There are a few wood printing companies out there, but most are located in California," says Wyatt. "If you buy something from us, that money is going right back into the Maryland economy."

"Plus if you decide to pick up your order at the shop, you'll save yourself the shipping cost and you might even grab lunch at one of my friends' restaurants."

Place your Plak That order by Thursday, December 17, to guarantee delivery by December 24.


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