Putting Maryland on the music industry map

05/10/2022 | Samantha Foley

With an impressive music industry resume, including being a top executive at Sony Music, and working with artists ranging from Beyonce to John Mayer, music exec Bruce Tyler had a plan when setting out to build a disruptive new artist discovery platform. The first task: headquartering the company in his home state, thus putting Maryland on the music industry map.

As Founder and CEO of aBreak music , Tyler then recruited legendary radio executive Jay Stevens (aBreak music Partner) as well as an impressive support team of music pros, all focused on bridging the gap between independent artists longing to be discovered, and the worldwide music industry desperate to find the next stars.

With a digital radio station playing music from indie artists from around the world, and a groundbreaking playlist, the aBreak58 playlist, the unique, free platform finds and attracts the best indie artists of all genres, then gives them exposure to influential music executives all throughout the music industry.

Finding the best new artists is vital to what we do on a daily basis,” said Atlantic Records chairman and CEO Craig Kallman. “I look forward to working with Bruce and Jay as they build this exciting new platform.”

While the company has been in a soft launch phase the last couple of months, word of how aBreakmusic.com can change the career paths of indie artists has quickly spread, mainly through TikTok, as the start-up has received song uploads and submissions from thousands of indie artists across the globe.

Most recently, aBreak music launched its hand picked, aBreak58 playlist. The weekly playlist highlights 58 artists that the aBreak music team feels have the most potential, with many of the artists attaining radio play for the first time, and all being heard by music gatekeepers looking for the next stars. One key exec said “the aBreak58 will soon be the most influential playlist for indie artists anywhere in music.”

By choosing to locate its headquarters in Maryland, aBreak music plans to highlight the musical resources the state has to offer – from finding great local artists to working with some of the top rated music venues. Due to its proximity to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and BWI Airport, they will be frequented by the industry’s most influential executives, as well as some of music’s biggest stars, who love giving back to the indie artist community.

aBreak music is just getting started, with plans for extensive expansion that will make them a force throughout music for years to come, not just in Maryland, but around the world.

For media inquiries or questions about aBreak Music please contact Karla Kreis (KarlaKreis@abreakmusic.com) (410) 924 4577.

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