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Veteran-owned cyber company expanding in Howard County
By Amanda Winters /
November 10, 2015

VOR Technology LLC, a veteran-owned cybersecurity firm based in Columbia, plans to expand its workforce after receiving multiple contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense. To meet the growing demand for its services and cybersecurity expertise, the company anticipates creating more than 60 new jobs in the Fort Meade area.

Founded in 2012 by Anthony Lawrence, a veteran of the United States Army, VOR Technology provides skilled cyber professionals and computer network training to government and private agencies to help secure America's globally-spanning networks. The company's three worksites in Maryland currently support more than 20 government contracts, including managing cyber intelligence solutions, geographic information systems, cloud computing and more.

"We take pride in the support we provide to the DoD in its mission to protect our nation's critical infrastructure," said Anthony Lawrence, founder of VOR Technology. "There is an invisible war being fought in cyberspace and many individuals don't know it's happening until they are impacted. This loan program will provide additional funding in our efforts to use innovative, unconventional software and hardware solutions to protect commercial and military communications."

To provide the company with the working capital necessary to fulfill their government contracts, the Maryland Department of Commerce is providing a $50,000 loan through the Military Personnel and Veteran-Owned Small Business No-Interest Loan Program. The funding will help the company finance equipment upgrades, including computer hardware and software, which will be used to train new employees.

"As we celebrate Veterans Day tomorrow, I want our veterans to know that Maryland stands ready to assist them in taking the next step to success, whether it's starting or expanding a business or buying a home," said Governor Larry Hogan. "We are proud that Anthony Lawrence and VOR Technology are working with our federal partners to ensure the safety and security of our nation's networks. We invite all veterans, members of the military, and businesses that employ veterans or reservists to learn how this program can help them start or expand a business."



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