Agribusiness Maryland combines a great climate for growing things with a business-friendly climate, so both family farms and major manufacturers thrive.

A Bumper Crop of Businesses

From small, traditional family farms to modern aquaculture operations. From microbreweries to major bakeries. From artisanal cheese makers to the world’s leading spice maker. Maryland has it all—and it’s all thriving, generating $4.7 billion in products and another $2.2 billion in economic impact.  

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The number of craft breweries in Maryland has tripled since 2011.??

Fertile Farms of Many Kinds

More than 12,250 farms dot the state of Maryland—and make their mark on the state’s economy as well. Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting together contribute over $1 billion in GSP, with a total market value of $2.2 billion in products sold. Maryland farms generate three times the national average in sales per acre, and are more valuable per acre than the average U.S. farm.

And we’re talking about more than corn and soybeans (which Maryland produces in abundance, by the way). For example, forest products—wood for homebuilding, furniture, and paper—make up the fifth largest industry in the state. And Perdue Farms, on the Eastern Shore, is the nation’s third-largest poultry producer, leading Maryland’s billion-dollar poultry industry.

Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting together contribute over $1 billion in GSP, with a total market value of $2.2 billion in products sold.

Food & Beverage Production & Distribution

As big as agriculture is in Maryland, agribusiness is much bigger. It encompasses all kinds of food and beverage production and distribution, from entrepreneurial efforts like Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick to large commercial enterprises like Baltimore-based H&S Bakery, a dominant player in the foodservice industry.

Perhaps a more familiar name in food is Maryland’s own McCormick & Company, the world’s leading spice maker. Well known to retail grocery shoppers across the country, McCormick employs nearly 2,000 workers at its state-of-the-art headquarters, serving every one of the nation’s top 10 foodservice restaurant chains and distributing its products to more than 150 countries. 

Whether you're looking for industrial space for your craft spirits business or focused on distribution of your food products, Maryland has many new development projects to meet your needs. 

Maryland agribusiness

Agribusiness Resources

Whatever the nature or size of your business—even if it’s still in the planning stages—we can provide vital information and support.

Maryland Agribusiness Companies

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