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Maryland's Future 20 Announced

After a statewide search to find Maryland’s 20 up-and-coming startups, Governor Larry Hogan has announced Maryland’s Future 20 companies. Congratulations to these companies! 

  • ACTIVEcharge

  • Aidar Health

  • Airgility

  • Clene Nanomedicine

  • HopFlyt Inc

  • Infercabulary  

  • InventWood

  • IonQ  

  • Ion Storage Systems

  • Live Chair Health

  • Medcura  

  • N5 Sensors, Inc.

  • pathOtrak  

  • Penacity LLC

  • Relavo

  • Resensys

  • Silfra Biosystems LLC

  • Sisu Global Health

  • Theradaptive, Inc.

  • Vita Therapeutics 

The Maryland Business Innovation Challenge will connect our large corporations and up-and-coming innovators.??

Silicon Valley Who? 

Maryland is where you go when you want to make it.

Consider cost of doing business, for starters.

Compared to Baltimore, it costs 60 percent more to do business in San Francisco, and 44 percent more to do business in New York City (Moody's Analytics).  Our rural areas are even more reasonably priced, and within arms reach of major metro areas. Affordability translates in a big way when it comes to personal lives too. Entrepreneurs can chase their dreams, without having to live out of their car, and the tech workforce powering our startups find Maryland is a great place to lay down roots

But Maryland's lower costs to doing business (and life) doesn't come with major sacrifices. Smack in the center of the Eastern seaboard, Maryland puts the world at the fingertips of our entrepreneurs. Morning meeting in NYC? A couple hours on a train will get you there. Sales pitch overseas? Three global airports are at your fingertips. Want to tap into federal research?  You'll find agencies including NIH, FDA, NIST, and NSA right here, and even more federal resources in neighboring D.C. 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

It wasn’t for Galen Robotics and Stripe, Inc to make the move East. Other entrepreneurs in the videos below will tell you the same thing: Maryland  is the best place for startups to be. 

The Support to Start Up and Never Stop 

Whether you’re looking for the best spot in the U.S. to lay down your business roots, or you’re already a Maryland entrepreneur looking for ways to scale-up, you’ll be well supported in Maryland. Just ask the team behind cyber startup Sourcefire, ultimately acquired by tech giant Cisco. Or ask RoosterBio, which started from a small company at a Maryland incubator, and has grown to more than 60 employees in just a few short years. 

So how exactly does Maryland help? It’s through innovative funding programs, like the Biohealth Investment Incentive Tax Credit, which provides bio investors with income tax credits. It’s opportunities to join state delegations at industry trade shows across the globe. It’s resources like DefTech centers, which help entrepreneurs commercialize defense technologies.

It's not just the state that's creating more opportunity for entrepreneurs. Private companies like T. Rowe Price are empowering entrepreneurs across the state. And university-driven initiatives like Johns Hopkins Tech Ventures and UM Ventures are helping commercialize discoveries every day.

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Maryland Future 20 Companies

Anders Jones “It was really refreshing moving here, to see how the community has really embraced investing in and creating a tech hub here." Anders Jones, CEO & Co-Founder, Facet Wealth
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