Innovation Lives Here With a density of STEM professionals, a network of incubators and research parks, a community of researchers, and supportive programs for startups, innovation lives in Maryland.

Meet Our Innovators.

In Maryland, you’ll find an entrepreneurial spirit that’s welcoming, challenging, and most of all, inspiring. Get to know the people behind Maryland's groundbreaking innovations.


So many ways to innovate.

Every day in Maryland, innovators and entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. With a vibrant mix of inspiring people, innovation hubs, and unparalleled access to government agencies, Maryland provides the perfect environment for those who are looking to change the world.


The cost of doing business in San Francisco is 60% higher than Baltimore.?? 5 factors driving innovation here

What else does Maryland have to offer?

STEM Talent

With leading universities, federal agencies, and a booming tech market, Maryland has the highest concentration of STEM professionals in the U.S.


High-Tech Industries

High-tech industries, like biohealth and cybersecurity, thrive in Maryland. Get to know our leading industry sectors. 


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