Maryland’s Five Regions Get to know the five different parts that make the whole of Maryland such a great place to live.

A Surprising Variety

Maryland’s surprising variety of landscapes – mountains and beaches, big cities and small towns, suburbs and farms – offer diverse options for living well.

The Five Faces of Maryland

Maryland’s Mid-Atlantic location provides a moderate climate and four seasons of fun and beauty—in five different areas. 

Central Maryland

Anchored by Baltimore, with its ethnic neighborhoods, culinary scene, and financial firms, this region’s rolling hills reveal historic towns and high-tech industries.

Suburban Maryland

Some of the nation’s most desirable and sophisticated neighborhoods are just outside Washington, D.C., and host intensive biohealth and life sciences activity.

Western Maryland

Forested mountains and rushing streams invite hunting and fishing, hiking and biking, and help support the state’s forest products industry.

The Eastern Shore

Rich coastal farmland with quiet, traditional small towns and fishing villages, punctuated by the state’s major seaside resort, Ocean City.

Southern Maryland

Long known for its proud maritime heritage and prized seafood, this region today is booming, along with its aerospace and defense industries.

Maryland waterfall

A Kaleidoscope of Beauty

Maryland puts a kaleidoscope of beautiful terrain within reach of every resident. From the rugged charm of the Appalachian Mountains to the green, rolling hills of Central Maryland to the sandy Atlantic beaches, Marylanders enjoy many choices for where to live and play. 

The state is bisected by the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the U.S. and a scenic and recreational wonder in itself. Whether you’re drawn to clean mountain air or ocean breezes, to leafy suburbs, lively cities, or life on the water, Maryland is full of places you’ll love.


Maryland sailboat
In 2018, women in Maryland finished highest in the annual Bloomberg News U.S. Gender-Equality Leadership Ranking??
4 ways diversity thrives in Maryland

Something for Everyone

Home, sweet home. Whatever picture that calls to mind for you, Maryland has a match. Do you thrive on the 24/7 energy of city living? Come to Baltimore, famous for its ethnic neighborhoods and now site of one of the fastest-growing urban areas on the Eastern Seaboard, Harbor East. 

Is a smaller city more your speed? Check out historic Frederick, or pioneering planned community Columbia, number-one small city in Money’s Best Places to Live (2016). In fact, five Maryland cities are among’s Top 100 Places to Live (2017). Prefer to stretch out in the suburbs? There are plenty of options in Maryland, just outside both Baltimore and Washington, DC. 

Charming small towns, rural farming communities, quaint villages—Maryland has them all. Not to mention waterfront living, on river, lake, bay, or ocean. Maryland has all kinds of places that all kinds of people love to call home. 

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Dorothee Heisenberg “The quality of life is wonderful, and we’re able to get people coming out of PhD programs who want to stay in this area." Dorothee Heisenberg, Executive VP, ClearGuide Medical

What Else Does Maryland Have to Offer?

The Picture of Health

Leadership in biohealth and life sciences innovation means Maryland residents have access to world-class health care.

Places to Go, Things to Do

Wherever you find your fun, you’ll find a lot to like in Maryland’s rich variety of recreational, cultural, and artistic attractions.

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