Ring Container Technologies Advanced Plastics Manufacturer Taps into More Jobs for Marylanders to Grow in Maryland

A New Location, Better Flexibility 

Like any good business, Ring Container Technologies puts its customers first. And when the company realized it needed to reach key customers even more quickly, it decided to open a new East Coast plant. The company found Hagerstown to be the ideal location for an expansion.

“Hagerstown is a prime location for logistics, being equally located between 81 and I-70,” said Holly K. Combs, Ring’s Hagerstown plant manager.  

The location gives the company an opportunity to improve service and flexibility for existing customers as well as the opportunity to grow. And with access to funding through the More Jobs for Marylanders tax credit, the Hagerstown location was an ideal decision.  

“The More Jobs for Marylanders program has helped us start up a new facility,” said Combs. “Benefits like this help us to reduce our bottom line to start up a new facility and to start training our employees.”

In its first year, More Jobs for Marylanders generated 2,000 jobs at 49 companies (anticipated).??

Advanced Manufacturing Makes it Happen

Ring, one of largest bottle manufacturers in North America, makes light, but durable, plastic packaging and containers, which it sells to manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

And while plastic containers appear to be simple storage devices, the processes Ring employs to make the bottles are anything but simple. Advanced manufacturing equipment fills the production floor of Ring’s Hagerstown plant, creating a complete bottle in a matter of seconds. Rows of conveyor belts move bottles to subsequent destinations throughout the facility for final packaging and testing.

“Advanced manufacturing at Ring means we’re looking at automation projects—making the job easier for our personnel, as well as more efficient,” said Combs.

It’s not just the machinery that is futuristic. Ring uses the latest 3D modeling software to help optimize packing and shelf utilization, enhance shelf appeal and minimize material use and waste, while improving product strength. These efforts help the company reduce its environmental footprint and conserve resources, says Combs, who is very proud of the plant’s efforts to be as environmentally conscious as possible—from using recycled material in its products to lean manufacturing processes.

The Support to Succeed

Combs says state and local agencies have been very supportive to Ring from the onset.

“I have a whole list of contacts that I could reach out to,” said Combs. “That’s very important to a company—to be able to reach out and have resources available for you to answer any questions.”

Combs has her resources, but she also has a great team that keeps everything running smoothly at the facility. Combs reports she’s “very pleased” with the staff in Hagerstown, and that the employees are one critical component that will help ensure Ring’s continued success in Maryland.

“I’m most excited about the opportunities for growth here,” said Combs. “We have an excellent building, an excellent location, a strong team, and many resources that are available to us. I think with everything we have here, we are best able to serve our existing customers and poised for growth and have everything we need to be successful.”

Holly K. Combs - Success Story no link Benefits, like More Jobs for Marylanders, helped us to reduce our bottom line to start up a new facility and to start training our employees. Holly K. Combs, Plant Manager, Ring Container Technologies Hagerstown

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