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Technology and science workforce


Highest concentration of employed doctoral scientists and engineers


Graduate/professional degree attainment


Bachelor's degree attainment

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Powering our workforce


Maryland is home to 57 accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities including some of the world’s leading academic institutions. Here, you’ll also find 16 community colleges offer continuing education classes and certificates, and customized workforce training. Get to know some leading programs across the state.

With some of the nation's best programs in life sciences and engineering, globally recognized Johns Hopkins University  continues to power the local STEM talent pipeline.

Among the institutions in the University System of Maryland  are: Morgan State, one of the nation’s top-rated HBCUs; The University of Maryland, a math and science powerhouse; and UMBC, which is continuously recognized for innovation.

Maryland community colleges  create programs to help prepare the local workforce for in-demand jobs today and in the future. Take for instance Frederick Community Colleges' program on Logistics and Production Technology for Biotechnology Systems and Maintenance, and Anne Arundel Community College's Digital Forensics Information Assurance and Cybersecurity program.

You have an amazing veteran population here. They are a highly skilled, highly trained, and highly motivated workforce.

– Matt Watchinski, VP, Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group

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