3 reasons why cybersecurity talent is better here

09/19/2018 | Maryland Team

3 reasons why cybersecurity talent is better here

09/19/2018 | Maryland Team

Ask tech CEOs what’s the most critical component to the success of their business, and you’ll hear words like “talent” and “workforce” over and over again. With cyber attacks becoming more frequent and increasingly sophisticated, the cybersecurity industry is always looking for the top professionals to ensure their company is at the top of its game—from providing clients with top-rate cybersecurity services or looking for the next big breakthrough in cyber protection.

And while pockets of tech talent exist across the country, an unmatched tech workforce is congregating in Maryland. Take it from CNBC, which places Maryland among the states winning the war for talent. CIO recently named Baltimore a best-value city for hiring tech talent, and Livability.com named Gaithersburg a best city for STEM workers.

Simply, you’ll find the best minds in the field here. Here are three reasons why.

Federal Agencies

Critical security agencies, including the U.S. Cyber Command, NSA, DISA and NIST call Maryland home. Naturally, these institutions attract the nation’s best cybersecurity practitioners with specialized skills. And when those practitioners decide to transition to the corporate world? They turn to the local private IT and cybersecurity sector, or forge their own path with a startup.

A Talent Pipeline

The IT and cybersecurity talent is in Maryland and will continue to be for a long time, thanks to an education system that’s continuously producing tech talent. Home to 16 Centers of Academic Excellence in cybersecurity and many workforce training programs, there’s cyber training happening everywhere you look in Maryland. Maryland ranks first in the percentage of bachelor’s degrees in computers, mathematics, and statistics, and Maryland’s universities produce thousands of cybersecurity graduates every year. It’s no surprise that Maryland has the highest concentration of STEM professionals among the states.

A High Quality of Life

Affordability matters when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. Maryland offers affordable living, without sacrificing a high quality of life. Here, you’ll find top-ranked schools, a diverse workforce population, a physically diverse environment and outstanding healthcare. This great quality of life comes at a cost of living that’s 50 percent of New York City’s and 64 percent of San Francisco’s.

Maryland is all-in to help cybersecurity companies succeed. Find out more and get in touch with our team.

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