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Digital health company makes tracking diabetes easier
By Emily Witty /
March 21, 2019

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 100 million U.S. adults live with diabetes or prediabetes. These conditions can be tedious to manage for those that are afflicted. Tuesday, March 26, is American Diabetes Association Alert Day, and we are highlighting Welldoc, a leading digital health company that is producing the latest cutting-edge technology to help those trying to manage diabetes.

In January, the company announced its 10th technology patent for the software technology that powers its award-winning digital therapeutic, BlueStar®. 

“The awarding of this tenth technology patent to Welldoc is a validation of our innovation in digital health and our deliberate strategy to create a simple, sustainable and scalable solution for all people living with diabetes,” said Welldoc President and CEO Kevin McRaith in an announcement.

The company utilizes mobile technology, artificial intelligence, IoT devices, and precision algorithms to help those living with chronic disease manage their conditions, improve their health, and drive down health care costs. 

According to the CDC, diabetes can be managed through behaviors including physical activity, diet, and insulin use. With Welldoc’s technology, monitoring those habits and their impact is easier than ever before. 

“Our key product, the FDA cleared BlueStar, is a one-stop digital health solution to help individuals better manage their diabetes and hypertension to achieve long-term health, “said McRaith. 

The BlueStar technology is a health coach in an app, providing real-time feedback to the user on everything from medications to lab results, nutrition to psycho-social behavior, and more. This makes for a customized tool that directly responds to user behavior and provides frequent updates to their own health care team. 

Individuals with diabetes are at risk for an array of serious conditions including vision loss, heart disease, kidney failure, and stroke. Diabetes Alert Day serves as a one-day wake-up call to those who may be prediabetic or not managing the disease as well as they could. For more information, take the risk assessment quiz.

To learn more about WellDoc’s groundbreaking digital health technology, visit and to learn more about how to prevent and manage diabetes, visit


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