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In Maryland, women in technology thrive
By Julie Miller /
June 06, 2016

Women in technology are a driving force behind Maryland's position as a technology powerhouse. In fact, Maryland ranks second among the states in the ratio of female to male workers in IT occupations (24%), according to ComTIA's Cyberstates analysis.

The national average for women who hold computer and mathematical positions is 26.5%, however in Baltimore, women hold 31.2% of these positions. This, combined with a below average gender pay gap, puts Baltimore fourth in SmartAsset's "Best Cities for Women in Tech" rankings.

See a trend? We do.

We saw an even greater trend when we started researching to find some of the state's female tech leaders. There are so many women leading technology companies, conducting critical government work in technology, and breaking new ground in developing new technologies.It's not just a few names out there. There are countless women in technology who are thriving here in Maryland.

Below, meet some of Maryland'sstandout women in technology. We know there are many more out there, so help us keep the recognition going on social media. Give your female friends and colleagues recognition using the #MdWomenInTechhashtag on Twitter.


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