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Manufacturing Month: What's Driving Success in Maryland
By Julie Miller /
October 02, 2017

October is Manufacturing Month—a time to honor and celebrate the industry and its contributors. In Maryland, there's a lot to celebrate in manufacturing. In 2017 alone, several companies have announced manufacturing expansions. So what's helping companies like Nammo Group, Toroid, Iron World, EVAPCO, DWE, Strouse, Knorr Brake, United Foods International, and Lanco Dairy Farms grow and succeed in Maryland? Keep reading to find out.

  1. The right mix of programs. In addition to funding programs like the Partnership for Workforce Quality and Maryland Economic Adjustment Fund, Governor Hogan recently introduced More Jobs for Marylanders, which offers new and existing manufacturing businesses lucrative benefits for job creation and workforce training. A webinar on October 18 will provide more insight into the program.
  2. A strong workforce. Maryland ranks first in the percentage of professional and technical workers, providing manufacturers with a built-in base of skilled employees. Additionally, programs like WorkSmart are designed to deliver tailored workforce training solutions to Maryland employers by tapping into the state's network of community colleges.
  3. Initiatives to engage future manufacturers. Organizations like the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) and MD Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) are on a mission to keep Maryland millennials engaged in manufacturing careers. Both organizations are behind Maryland Manufacturing Day, an event that will connect students from local university and college technology teams with local advanced manufacturing companies. Maryland Manufacturing Day is October 6.
  4. Global connections. Maryland manufacturers that need to get products overseas benefit from having access to the Port of Baltimore, the top port in the country for container productivity. Companies going global also have a partner in Maryland's Office of International Investment and Trade, which offers a variety of programs to help companies succeed overseas.
  5. Spaces to support manufacturing startups. Manufacturers just getting started can tap into Maryland's network of makerspaces and incubators to meet their needs. You can find more than 30 incubators in Maryland, and a network of makerspaces, including OpenWorks and The Foundery in Baltimore, Ting Makerspace in Westminster, and PaxSpace in Southern Maryland.

Have questions about manufacturing in Maryland? Contact Todd Sabin, Manufacturing Program Manager to learn more.



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