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Maryland’s Roadmap to Recovery: Staying cautious and reducing the spread during reopening
By Samantha Foley /
June 22, 2020

As more businesses, activities, and retail locations begin to reopen across the state, one thing is for sure—Marylanders are anxious to get back to a routine. While reopening efforts are key to boosting Maryland’s economy, it is important to remember some simple steps we can all take to ensure that employees, customers, friends, and families remain as careful as possible, and everyone continues to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Check out this list of state-issued best practices aimed at keeping Maryland businesses and customers updated and aware during the ongoing reopenings.

Best tips for restaurants and bars

While the state begins the process of reopening, many of us can’t wait to head to our favorite restaurants and bars. However, as Marylanders begin to get back into the swing of things, there are some helpful tips for restaurant/bar owners, employees, and customers to keep in mind. 

Be sure to call ahead before heading out to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks. Making a reservation for outdoor/indoor seating will also help employees plan ahead, allowing them to better serve everyone’s needs. When calling ahead make sure the establishment has a proper social distancing and face covering plan in place. This should mean that there is a limited number of patrons and employees allowed in the establishment at once. This will help to promote safer outdoor/indoor dining and social distancing. 

Remember all parties should be limited to six people or less and make sure that all staff members or customers wear face coverings except when eating or drinking. Basic cleanliness and sanitization measures should be taken. Most importantly: stay home if you are sick and if you don’t feel comfortable venturing out just yet, many places are still offering curbside and delivery options! For more best practices for restaurants and bars, click here

Lowering risks for entertainment and recreational amusements 

As Maryland begins to loosen guidelines and restrictions, more and more outdoor and indoor recreational activities will begin to pop up. Thinking of hitting an event? Keep these thoughts in mind in order to help keep transmission rates low: recreation/entertainment programs and their guests should minimize congregation in common areas; encourage advance registration or payment for admission while maintaining detailed admissions records; and be sure to have sanitizer, soap, and disinfecting wipes readily available for employees and customers. 

Taking these simple steps can help Marylanders enjoy these fun and entertaining options while keeping transmission rates low. For a full list of FAQs and best practices, click here.   

Getting back to the gym

For many of us, the pandemic has brought disruptions to our favorite hobbies and work out routines. Many Marylanders are excited to get back to the gym or their favorite fitness classes. Before you kick up your post-COVID19 workouts, there are many precautions to keep in mind. Employees and patrons should promote and practice proper hand washing and respiratory hygiene, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and equipment, and arrange all workout stations, cardio/strength equipment in order to properly accommodate for social distancing. 

Before you hit the gym, make sure to study up on more best practices to keep yourself and your fellow work out buddies in shape and remaining cautious. Read more here.   

Safer summer fun 

Many youth camps, sports activities, and public swimming pools have started to resume operations under Governor Larry Hogan’s Roadmap to Recovery plan. Make sure to read up on best practices that are aimed at keeping employees, youth, and families active while in a low risk environment this summer! 

Before participating in these fun summer activities, take time to brush up on CDC guidelines, follow all requirements issued regarding maximum number of participants for each activity, wear face coverings when/where required, maintain social distancing, and continue to disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Together we can keep summer activities low risk and fun for everyone. 

Shop safer

Under Maryland’s Roadmap to Recovery plan, many retail businesses have started the reopening process. It’s important to communicate with customers and employees about safety tips and best practices in order to keep transmission low. Taking helpful steps such as limiting in-store capacity, creating no or low contact alternatives, and creating an open communication plan with customers and employees can all aid in protection. For specific guides and information, click here

For a comprehensive list of best practices, available in both English and Spanish, head over to


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