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Open Works looks towards a bright future
By Emily Witty /
April 11, 2017

As one of the only professionally-designed and independently-operated makerspaces in the world, Open Works in Baltimore City's Greenmount West neighborhood has a lot to be proud of. In its report released earlier this year, Open Works showsjust how much they've accomplished and what the future holds for this innovative, creative space.

In 2013, the Open Works location at 1400 Greenmount Avenue was purchased by the Baltimore Arts Realty Corporation with help from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and the Maryland Department of Commerce. The vision was to create a space where top-of-the-line tools, technology, and classes are offered in an affordable and accessible environment. One of their biggest accomplishments last year was building a dedicated staff of six full-time employees and 22 part-time employees with living-wage positions. Their diverse team also consists of two AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers.

The makerspace is a site for makers and builders to utilize state-of-the-art equipment to produce their craft, no matter how large or small. It also provides classes to accommodate a wide range of manufacturing skills, including youth, adults, and families. Last year, more than 100 craftsmen joined Open Works and almost 2,000 people participated in their mobile classes.

In its 2016 report, Open Works General Manager Will Holman outlined the bold mission the organization has set for 2017.

"We've set some audacious goals for 2017," Holman said. "We are moving aggressively to expand our membership, with a goal of doubling our membership by the end of the first quarter. My New Year's resolution is simple: growth, on all fronts."

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