New Incentive Program for Data Centers Data centers that locate or expand in Maryland may be eligible for the program.
Cybersecurity & IT In Maryland, leading IT firms, top universities, and tech-savvy workers join forces with the federal government and the U.S. military.

Cyber Works Here 

Maryland is where cyber works. Here, you'll find a high density of cyber engineers coming from the area’s robust intelligence community. You’ll find a lower cost of doing business than other tech-focused states like New York, California or Massachusetts. In Maryland, you’ll find the nation’s top security agencies along with universities dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s cybersecurity leaders. 

With these concentrated cybersecurity assets, companies like Cisco are choosing to establish their cybersecurity operations in Maryland. 

Maryland cybersecurity
CNBC names Maryland "most improved state for business," citing modern power grid and broadband connectivity.??

Maryland has 17 NSA/DHS-certified Centers of Academic Excellence. 

Home to the Best and Brightest

Critical security agencies, including the U.S. Cyber Command, NSA, DISA and NIST call Maryland home. Naturally, these institutions attract the nation’s best cybersecurity practitioners. And when those leaders decide to transition to the corporate world? They turn to Maryland’s private IT & cybersecurity sector, or forge their own path with a startup.
With Maryland’s 17 NSA/DHS-certified Centers of Academic Excellence, and a variety of education and workforce initiatives, there’s a pipeline of cybersecurity talent that’s continually growing Maryland’s talent pool, which is currently 116,000 IT professionals strong. 

In addition to cybersecurity, Maryland universities are leading in other high-tech arenas, such as quantum computing. In fact, the University of Maryland, College Park was named among the top 10 institutions in the world for quantum computing

More Opportunities, Lower Cost

The 60 federal agencies and 20 military installations within Maryland’s borders mean serious business opportunities for cybersecurity and technology companies. Abundant business opportunities are complimented by another critical component to business success: affordability.

Areas like Silicon Valley and New York City can’t come close to what it costs to run your business in Maryland. And with a lower cost of living and the highest median household income, your employees will like it here too.


IT & Cybersecurity Resources

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Ellison Anne Williams "Being in this area allows us to take advantage of rich engineering talent that doesn’t really exist in this concentration anywhere else in the country.” Ellison Anne Williams, CEO, Enveil
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