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Maryland’s business community is bolstered by forward-thinking developers creating spaces designed for modern business. 

Peterson Companies’ headquarters site at National Harbor, offering impressive views of the Nation’s capital, will intrigue companies looking to make a statement within a true "live, work, play" environment.

Retailers and other distributors can benefit from an ideally located, brand new distribution center offered by Merritt Properties. And businesses of all shapes and sizes will find something that works for them in St. John Properties' flexible office and retail spaces. Innovative new development projects are taking shape all across Maryland. 

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Sure, Maryland looks good in pictures, but how do the numbers look on paper? We are ready to be your partner to get you the data you need to make informed decisions. Visit our sites database to explore demographic and labor force data across Maryland communities. 

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 Maryland is Open for Business. What does that mean exactly? It means the state is doing everything it can to make it attractive for companies to do business here, because we know even our natural advantages (like a top-rated workforce and prime location) sometimes aren’t enough.

When companies are ready to make commitments that will significantly contribute to the state’s economy, some attractive tax credits and financing options often help seal the deal.

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Dan Bader “Frankly the incentives were better here. To grow our business, we found it was important to stay in Maryland.” Dan Bader, VP, ELTA North America
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