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Smart Students Become Smart Workers

Businesses across the state count on Maryland’s excellent schools to generate workers who excel. 40 percent of Marylanders hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, ranking fourth in the nation. Nearly 20 percent of Marylanders have a graduate or professional degree, ranking Maryland second in the nation. 

The state’s K–12 public school system consistently outperforms those in the other states. And Maryland’s 57 accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities include some of the world’s leading academic institutions. 

In addition, Maryland’s 16 community colleges offer continuing education classes and certificates, as well as customized workforce training.

Maryland education workforce

Top Universities Drive Maryland Forward

From Johns Hopkins University’s leadership in producing top medical professionals, to the University of Maryland’s prowess in computer science and engineering, and Salisbury University's commitment to empowering entrepreneurial ideas, Maryland businesses have a steady stream of talent coming out of renowned universities. 

Through strategic business-academic partnerships, Maryland businesses also benefit from resources to accelerate innovation among key industries, including the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory that offers technical expertise in critical national security and aerospace efforts, and the University of Maryland’s MTECH program that accelerates new ventures and brings university know-how to Maryland companies.

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With a lower cost of living than other tech hubs, Maryland is a place high-tech workers can afford to love.??
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High-Tech, Hands-On Workers

Maryland’s growing reputation as a center of innovation makes it the home of more and more high-tech businesses and the highly educated workforce they need. In fact, CNBC placed Maryland sixth in its list of states winning the war for talent (2018). 

That workforce boasts the second highest percentage of professional and technical workers in the nation, as well as the highest proportion of employed PhDs in science and engineering. Highly educated workers enable Maryland’s advanced manufacturing companies to innovate, develop, and produce heavily engineered high-tech products.

While busy inventing the future, Maryland also carries on its long history of traditional manufacturing and agriculture. The state is home to more than 12,250 family farms that grow corn, soybeans, and acres of other important agricultural products—not to mention the riches of the Chesapeake Bay, harvested by over 6,000 watermen.

Delali Dzirasa “The education system here is phenomenal. We’ve got a great talent pool here within Maryland." Delali Dzirasa, President, Fearless

What else does Maryland have to offer?

An Educated Citizenry

Maryland schools give businesses a great workforce—and children a great start in life.

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Unlock your potential. Join the leaders in key industries that are shaping the world’s future right here in Maryland.

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